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what to do when my horse kicks?

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Why my horse kicks when I approach to him? What should I do for it?

Andrae Maria Sillinger: When horses kick when you come near, that means that they have made bad experiences with human beings. Sometimes it is also because they are stallions and have a strong character, and want to show you that they are the boss

Be careful! You should come towards the horse from his head, do not show any fear, slowly go next to the horse, always talk to it and observe his movements, especially his ears:

when the ears go backwards, be careful! Talking with the horse calms it and it feels that you will not harm it.

what to do when horses kick

Be friendly with your horse, but you have to show him that you are the boss! No feeding while saddling! And don't hit it when it is rude. That makes it worse. Always be calm, friendly and concentrated. The horse feels that you have it under control and gets calmer.



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