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A review of Yeganegi dressage competitions in Iran

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Yeganegi Dressage Competitions at Jam Horse Riding Club, Firouz Bahram, Tehran, Iran - 16 July 2013

Yeganegi Dressage Competitions was one of the few dressage competitions in Iran which was held in Jam Horse Riding Club in FiroozBahram, Tehran. 26 riders from 6 provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Qazvin, Isfahan and Yazd participated in this event.



Although dressage is among the most deprived competitions in Iran, and in spite of the hot sun of July 16, the number of observers was acceptable, and with the sun going down and the weather going cool, the audience increased.

The tournament was attended by Mahmoud Heydari, Head of the Equestrian Federation of Iran, Hamed Alimohammadi, chief secretary of the federation, and Mr Karimi, Head of Tehran Province Equestrian Committee. Enzina Shop for Equestrian Equipment was one of the sponsors of the event.

Although the weather was warm, the competitions were held in the green and beautiful atmosphere of the riding center. The audience soon found their seats provided by the staff in the shadows of the trees.

In the basic class, the young riders did their best in riding a proper competition that was a good ground for them to add their experience and examine their dressage skills. In the preliminary test 23 riders participated, which was very good regarding the warm weather. It shows, that dressage competitions are a need in Iran and that young riders, supported by their riding teachers, are convinced about the need of classic dressage in equestrian in their country.

In the Advanced Test, only two riders participated, which shows that professional dressage needs much more attention in Iran, despite the good work done by them.

The competitions were held in silence without any music being played. Each rider’s score was announced after the next competitor finished their work, the competitions implementation having a good planning.

Finally, as the sun settled down in the west, the awards giving ceremony was held, attended by the officials of the Iranian Equestrian Federation and the sponsors, Enzina shop (equestrian equipment), Elham Film, and Karafarin Bank.

Sohrab Ma’soomi, well-known figure in this field, added the cup to his previous ones. He and his horse, Dr. X, finished the Advanced Test the most proper way and won the competition.

Mehdi Jamshidkhani, the director of Jam riding club, the host for the event, expressed complain for the disregards facing dressage in Iran. He told dressage is the basic of riding sports and dressage for riding sports is like notes for classic music; one who doesn’t know the notes well cannot become a good player.

Mr. Jamshidkhani told dressage competitions should be held regularly and with short intervals so that both riders and horses always remain ready and fresh.

At the end, all attendees were invited to attend the next big dressage and show jumping competitions of Enzina Cup on August 7, 9 – 10, 2013 at Azmoon Horse Riding Club in Tehran.

Top rider in this competition:

Preliminary Test:

1 - Aran Abdullahi

2 - Ghazala Montazam

3 - Elnaz Taghipur

4 - Ali Mirfakhrayy

5 - Mohammad Bagheri


1. Sohrab Ma’soomi with Dr. X

2. Mas’ood Yazdi with Ardalan

One rider failed to participate in the advanced level because his horse was sick.

The awards for this competition:

Preliminary Test:

1. Ribbon + 2,500,000 Rials from Enzina Shop for Equestrian Equipment

2. Ribbon + 1,500,000 Rials from Enzina Shop for Equestrian Equipment

3. Ribbon + 1,000,000 Rials from Enzina Shop for Equestrian Equipment

4. Ribbon + 1,000,000 Rials from Enzina Shop for Equestrian Equipment

5. Ribbon + 1,000,000 Rials from Enzina Shop for Equestrian Equipment

Advanced Test:

1. Cup + Hokm + ribbon + 4,000,000 cash

2. Hokm + ribbon + 3,000,000 cash

3. Hokm + ribbon + 2,000,000 cash


July 16, 2013

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